About The HUV Project, Inc.

The HUV Project, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, prepared to provide mobile temporary shelter units on an as needed basis to people affected by disasters around the world. The HUV is practical, effective and offers protection from the elements.
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About The HUV

The HUV is a temporary personal shelter constructed as a mobile vehicle to be used by the homeless. The vehicle is intended for individuals who have been victimized by both natural disaster and political conflict, resulting in insufficient housing. The HUV is not a cure for homelessness but rather a transitional means of housing.
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On April 22nd, 2010, The HUV Project hosted its launch event at "The Gates" in New York City.

The event served as the initial fundraiser to benefit The HUV Project organization in an effort to provide HUVs (Homeless Utility Vehicles); temporary mobile shelters, to the homeless in Haiti.

The event was a great success!

The HUV Project will be having additional fundraising events over the next few months.

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